Big Kahuna Mobile

Far in the warm Pacific, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is the land of Aloha where the Big Kahuna Mobile comes to life. Maybe you have travelled a bit around the world, but Hawaii da kine place, Hawai’I no kaoiy.(Hawaii is the best). As the honored guest and as passed down from tradition, the local islanders welcome you with the traditional leis (flower garlands)and with the warm aloha embrace. They then tell you about the wonderful mobile game, Big Kahuna Mobile and ask if you enjoy playing cell games. The locals are all Akamai, clever because they love Hawaii so much that they also play Big Kahuna Mobile and enjoy playing cell games.

About the Big Kahuna

The biggest producer of mobile slots and casino software, MicroGaming developed this much admired slot. Though the original Big Kahuna was developed in 2004 for desktop computers, slot fans explained to MicroGaming that a similar mobile slots is needed. MicroGaming took to heart the request. So now with this game added to their collection, you can play slots on your phone. It has been eleven years since this star in mobile slots has been made public. Every single year this five reel slot persists in being on top of the list of mobile slots. The Big Kahuna Mobile is a nine Payline slot which makes it one of the biggest in jackpot winners in the gaming industry.

The Ho'omake'aka (funny) game slots are truly bursting with lolo (bizarre) objects. Schools of tropical brightly colored fish swim all around in the blue Pacific waters. The mouth-watering island fruits like pineapples, watermelons, mountain raspberries, guavas, bananas, avocados, mangoes, coconuts, kiwi fruit and papayas are hanging from the trees just ready to be picked. Then all of a sudden you see...

Here come da Chief

Then coming into our view is a very distinguished man dressed in a grass skirt, strands of kukui seeds around his neck and a beautifully decorated straw hat. He hands me a mobile phone and says “play.” He gives me instructions:. He tells me:  We have plenty of bonuses on this island. We are really not wild people but peaceful islanders, but we do have a replacement symbol. This symbol helps players achieve additional wins for extra cash payouts. Because he is royalty of the great chiefs, the Big Kahunas, the Big Kahuna is the Wild symbol and is exchanged for the fruits as long it’s on a functional payline. Mr. Gecko who is basking in the sun gives out a funny sound.

All of a sudden you feel the ground tumbling. He says no Pilikia bradah, (no worries brother). It is Madam Pele, the volcano goddess speaking. She wants you to play and win. If you receive from three to five Volcano symbols in a row commencing from the first reel, the fruit bonus game is triggered. You are lucky because you choose what fruit you like most and receive a secret bonus of credit. He continues, “we take pride in our culture.” If at least three tiki masks in continual order pop up, you receive another bonus where you are requested to choose a mask. This too supplies you with unknown special bonus credits. But choose wisely as the wrong choice as a tiki mask appears and says “Collect” and then you are pau ( finished).

But because these Pacific islanders have so much aloha in their hearts, you will receive ten credits for every one of the unknown prizes. Then our little monkey friend appears who is dying to give out rewards. He is the Scatter icon and if at least two of these playful little guys come into view, then you receive extra credits which are multiplied of the entire credits wagered.

Volcano Bonus

Madam Pele, the volcano goddess is doing her thing again, and it’s not the hula. She is rumbling and plumes of smoke arise. Wow! You wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you as three or more volcanoes materialize on the reels. Now we're getting serious as survival enters the scene. You remember your Boy Scout days, but that won’t do. Your only thoughts are” What to do?” Now the real big chief enters, the big Kahuna himself. He tells you that you must soothe the volcano goddess. You're bewildered. And as usual, a tropical storm beats down. Lightning bolts across the sky. The locals know that the coconut is in your court. The survival of the islanders rests with you alone. You have to choose what fruit amongst five fruits to offer to the smoking goddess. There is no second guessing. The choice must be the correct one. If it's the correct choice, not only will the volcano goddess be happy, but you will receive some major rewards. This will be decided by how many volcanos show up from your spin. It works, you've chosen wisely! The thunder and rumbling subsides. Rainbows appear and the locals give you some tropical punch. But something deep inside you tells you it’s really not over yet. You have become the island hero and they will call upon you again.

The days pass and you are boarding your flight back home. But you just can’t take the memorable thoughts from your adventure out of your mind. You are missing your friends, the chief, the little monkey and Mr. Gecko.

Big Kahuna for Life

Now you can always be the Big Kahuna 24/7. You'll be admired as the Big Kahuna wherever you live. All you got to do is open up your mobile or start the Big Kahuna to play tablet games of Big Kahuna and watch everyone start to treat you like royalty.