Canadian Mobile Blackjack

The Canadian mobile blackjack game offers casino gamblers a popular card game challenge that they can enjoy right on their smartphone or tablet screen. Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular games at the casino and today, the mobile blackjack option allows card game aficionados to compete in a fun-filled atmosphere of energetic gaming and real money prizes. Multiple versions of blackjack are now available at the Canadian online Casino where you can play at your convenience for free for for cash prizes. Casino advisors note that mobile blackjack for Canadians is a recommended casino game for both beginning and veteran gamblers. The anticipation of challenging your luck combines with the challenges of manipulating your bets to provide you with an enjoyable, high-quality casino event of entertaining excitement and relaxing fun.

Playing mobile blackjack on tablet or smartphone involves the ability to make quick decisions. You’ll find that competing successfully at Canadian mobile blackjack demands that you be aware of the rules, variations and options that the mobile card game challenge presents. Before you begin playing you should review the game and its permutations to ensure that you select the right blackjack variation, level and betting strategy for your personal needs and expectations. A good understanding of blackjack tips and strategies can help you maximize your blackjack adventure.

Mobile Blackjack for Canadians

Canadian blackjack competitors join a rich tradition of card game action that spans centuries. It’s believed that blackjack originated in 17th century Spain but historians trace modern blackjack to the 18th century when French and Spanish explorers brought the game of "Twenty-One" to the betting parlors of America's Wild West. By the 19th century blackjack was a casino favourite and was an integral part of posh European casinos. It was one of the first casino games to be featured in the early Las Vegas casinos  of the 1940s.  

Ever since that time blackjack has been a casino highlight at offline and online casinos alike. When internet gaming started to become popular in the 1990s the casinos recognized that blackjack fits in naturally with the action-filled, challenging atmosphere of online casino gambling. The game’s alluring graphics, high energy action and mix of skill and luck allows competitors to experience big earnings and high excitement levels. Navigation on mobile is easy for blackjack players who can make all of their moves with touchscreen navigation tools right on their smartphone or tablet screen.  The mobile platform displays superior visual effects which link with the authentic casino sounds of cheers and applause to ensure that blackjack players enjoy a genuine atmosphere of authentic, high-quality casino gaming fun.

Playing Mobile Blackjack

Canadian gamblers select blackjack when they’re looking for a rewarding casino interlude. Playing blackjack involves adventure and thrills along with multiple opportunities to achieve big payouts. There are additional bonus blackjack options which increase payouts even more.

When you make your blackjack deposit you trigger the opening deal. You'll receive two face-up cards. At the same time the casino deals the dealer one face-up card. After you calculate the total value of the cards in your hand you can ask for additional cards or decide to play with what you've been dealt.

Cards which display twos through tens are valued at face value. Face cards are valued at ten points (jacks, queens and kings). Aces count as either one or eleven points, according to your preference.  If you've been dealt an ace, you choose whether you want to value it as one or eleven – your decision depends on the value that you believe will be most advantageous to your hand.  Your hand is called a "hard" hand if you assign the ace one point value and a "soft" hand if you assign the ace a value of eleven points.

Your goal involves building a hand that will beat the dealer's hand. At the same time you want to build a hand that comes as close to a total sum value of 21 as possible without exceeding 21 which explains the game also being called  “Twenty-One". After you revise your bet you can request more cards -- "hits" --  or you may decide not to accept more cards -- "stand."

When you complete your play the dealer plays out his hand. Then, each sides compare hands. Whichever hand comes closest to 21 points without exceeding  that value, wins.

Blackjack Variations

You can play any of the Canadian mobile blackjack versions on your smartphone or tablet browser. After you sign into your casino account you’ll find numerous blackjack variations in the games lobby including the popular High-Lo-13 and Multi-Hand Blackjack.  

Hi-Lo-13 is a form of European blackjack in which the player makes a side wager on his first two cards.  "Hi" refers to a wager that predicts that the sum of the first 2 cards will be higher than 13,  "Lo" refers to a wager in which the player predicts that the sum of the first 2 cards will be lower than 13.  A bet on "13" means that the player is predicting that the sum of the first 2 cards will be exactly 13.

Multi-hand blackjack refers to a game of blackjack in which the competitor plays up to 5 hands of blackjack at once. Bets vary, according to the hands, and side bet options are also allowed.