State Lotteries

Your favorite mobile casino is always ready to provide great gaming pleasure.  This is also true when the casino must simulate a “game” that isn’t offered by the casino.  A good example of this is any game that resembles the Canadian Mobile Lottery.  As you know, the official Canadian Mobile Lottery is run by the state.  Mobile casinos cannot offer the state lottery but they can, and do, offer games that have similar appeal.

Casual Games and Scratch Cards

As it happens, there are many mobile lottery games to choose from.  Obviously, they aren’t actual lotteries but they have elements of lotteries.  That is their basic appeal.  In some ways they are even better than lotteries.  First, they have the advantage of computer animation and music.  Second, they are colorful.  The different colors and symbols are eye-catching in a way that the Canadian Mobile Lottery can never be.  Finally, you can play for pennies or more.  The games are simply a lot of fun to play.  You won’t hit it big at these games but you can also play for a long time with a small stake.

The great software providers dedicate much time and effort to creating likable casual games and scratch cards.  There are dozens of such games.  Here we will review just a few so you get the idea.  Your favorite mobile casino has a section on casual games and scratch cards.

Try Your Luck

Lucky Numbers is one such game.  There are actually two games in one.  The first game features six gold coins.  You click on each one to reveal the multiplier under the coin.  If you match three multipliers you win.  The multipliers begin small but increase dramatically so, if your luck is with you, there’s a big payout in your future.

The second game is a gong.  Bang on the gong and if an 8 appears, you win.  Otherwise, the gong will crack.  But don’t feel bad: the gong miraculously repairs itself for the next game.

Three-sided Buddies - in Triangulation you try to match different colored triangles.  They are shot onto a triangular frame.  When you match four triangles you win.

Let’s Get Sudsy - in Foamy Fortunes a bathtub is filled with bubbles that appear and disappear.  You pop the bubbles revealing a multiplier.  If you match three multipliers you get that number times your wager.  But beware those dangerous rubber duckies. Three rubber duckies end the game.

Go Granny, Go - Granny Prix features eight hot-rodding grannies, each representing a multiplier.  This is a scratch card game.  You request a new card and then scratch off the 9 squares, revealing nine grannies.  If three grannies match you win.  When you scratch off, the grannies honk at you, and when you win, the cackling grannies take a wild turn around the track.

Super Dupers - Super Zeroes is a scratch game with eight “super-heroes” that you will love to meet. Captain Burger is a 2x multiplier; Chameleon Boy is 5x; Bubblegum Girl blows a bubble as she gives you 10x;  Powercell is 100x; the Uncredible Lump comes in at 2500x; and Magginetik is a Devilish 10000x!

Keen on Keno - Keno is a mobile lottery game in which the “lottery” takes place online, instantly.  There are 80 numbers.  First, you choose from one to 15 numbers that you think will come up.  Then the Keno number generator “picks” 20 balls.  If a number that you chose comes up you have a hit.  Your payout depends on the number of hits and your original wager.  If you guess 15 balls and all 15 come up, you can win a cool $10,000.

Chinese Creativity - Sic Bo is an exciting fast game that is very popular with players who like to choose numbers.  Although the name Sic Bo means dice pair in the ancient Chinese language, the casino game is played with three dice.  Before the dice are thrown, you wager about the combinations that might come up.  As you might think, there are many, many different possible combinations such as: triple, pair, high count, and low count.

“Lottery Roulette”
- Spingo combines the play of a lottery with a mini-roulette wheel.  You choose a bet amount, place it on the bet of your choice and spin the wheel.  The balls 0-10 mix it up like a lottery.  Then one pops out and falls onto a color.  That color and that number win.  If you bet odds or evens, the number also applies to that bet.  There are four colors to choose from.  Green appears only once so it has the highest payout.

Geometric Logic - Hexaline is played on a grid with 18 hexagonal slots.  Hexagon shaped pieces cascade down to fill the slots.  There are many wild hexagons to increase your chances of winning.  To win you have to complete a horizontal row.  The row can traverse across different vertical rows but you have to complete a horizontal row to win.  Hexaline then counts the number of hexagons in your win and multiplies by the correct multiplier.  The winning hexagons are then removed and more hexagons cascade as a sort of bonus for winning.  With luck, you can continue to win as all winning hexagons are replaced.

Stay on the Road - Four by Four combines tic tac toe and slots.  There is a four-by-four reel grid and varied shapes that turn around the grid.  The star is wild and comes often making frequent small wins.  There are also frequent free spins.  When you get free spins, the wilds align in the corners of the grid.  This gives you even more chances to win.

Popping Bubbles
- Bubble Bonanza features a croaking frog that invites you to see if you can match three symbols.  The symbols are thrown six across onto a wrought iron framed square.  Three symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically, win.  Then the winning symbols pop and are replaced by new symbols.  The game continues until the last horizontal row has at least one symbol.

Bingo - we touched on many lottery-type games.  Perhaps the favorite of all is Bingo.  There are dozens of Bingo variations to choose from.

Lottery games on Mobile

As you see, there are many alternative games you can play on mobile that have elements of the state lottery.  Given the large number of games, the great animation, and the speed of the games, these casual games and scratch cards might be even more exciting to play than the real lottery!