Major Millions Mobile

If you want to feel like you’re in the army and having fun there, then the Major Millions Mobile game is the one for you. You can take this game on the go with you wherever you find yourself from the mountains and the rivers to the city and beyond. The five reel mobile slots game is one that players will love to play. The symbols here, as you would expect, include the Major, the tank, the airplane, the battleship, medals and even ammunition. There is a secret letter, a major’s hat and binoculars for those field nights outside. The military theme is attached to a money theme, bringing it all together for player fun. You’ll even hear the marching band in the background and the ringing of the cash register when you hit your mark.

Fun Mobile Slots

While the theme is a military one, it’s really much more playful than it is serious. The game includes silly looking soldiers, a flag that has the funny “Bang” sign on it, the airplane with the smile on it and much more. But there is nothing silly about the money you can win when you play slots on iPhone and on other tablets. The silliness of the theme offers you a way to blow off steam at the end of a long day and to have a good laugh. While there is certainly a lot to be serious about here, and some serious ways to win money...there is also a lot to enjoy and find funny.

Major Fun

With Major Millions Mobile you’ll have a blast with the 15 paylines and the chances to win. If you have three or more of any one symbol, you’ll get a payout. The wild symbol certainly adds to your chances to win and also triples your wins. The scatter symbol is also great and helps you win. All of this creates awesome tablets slots fun in the base game. And there is even more fun to be had with the bonus rounds.

Progressive Bonanza

The real thrill with the mobile slots game Major Millions Mobile is the progressive part of the game. The way that the progressive works is that the jackpot grows as each person joins the game. You can watch the ticker and see how much it grows and grows each time that you play. And this certainly builds excitement as you play slots on iPhone. The winning combination, five Major Millions symbols on the 15th payline, offers you an amazing payout and way to enjoy. There are amazing ways to win with the mobile slots game and to have a blast doing so.

Mobility and Fun

One of the best things about the Major Millions Mobile game is that it’s mobile. And this means that you can take it anywhere you happen to be, whenever you happen to be there. Have a blast playing with the chance to win mobile slots bonuses and to have such a good time with this enthralling game. Join the playful fun and see why the tablet slots game is such a fun one to enjoy. You'll love the playful atmosphere here and the chance to combine a military theme with a finance one. There is something for everyone here and you can be part of the big fun. And keep in mind that you can play on the go, enjoying the game from any location where you happen to find yourself and where you enjoy playing.