Mermaids Millions Mobile – Where Old and New Features Combine

Imagine to yourself… the sound of the ocean, the slots all around you, the blue theme. The great benefits and rewards… a perfect combination of a watery atmosphere and an exciting casino game that keeps you motivated all the time. Once you have decided to play mobile slots games there is no doubt Mermaids Millions Mobile is the best one to choose. Mermaids Millions combines all the great benefits a gambler could every wish for, with the highly beloved WILD and Scatter symbols, as well as different depositing methods, and of course, great graphics on the reels that will keep you intrigued while you play the game! So don't hesitate and join right now the mobile slots that conquer the world!

Mobile Casino Bonus – the Ones you Love

To play at a popular Canadian mobile casino is to get more and more benefits with every spin! It is a great pleasure to announce that Mermaids Millions Mobile is one of the games that is being constantly top rated for containing multiple rewards all the time! So let's understand what the rewards you will get to enjoy, and what each of them will eventually benefit you with…

WILD game Under the Water

WILD things start to happen over here. Are you also one of those who got used to the fact that only three of a kind, for of a kind and five of a kind (identical symbols) will benefit you with fine payouts? Well, then you better change that attitude quickly because the reality is much better than that! The great symbol called WILD can produce great payouts with less effort thanks to its special features! WILD can substitute virtually every other symbol on the reels, besides Scatter, and thus replace a missing symbol that is required in order to make your spin – a win! Two of a kind of every symbol besides Scatter, with the symbol WILD right next to them, will create a Three of a Kind immediately. Similarly, four of a kind and five of a kind can be "made" with three or four identical symbols next to each other and a WILD symbol next to them. This great feature will increase the credits rate in your box in no time! Besides, WILD can create additional credits on its own – all that it takes is three, four or five WILDs next to each other and more credits will quickly be granted to you!


So, what is so unique about the Scatter symbol that it cannot be replaced by the WILD? Well, Scatter also has the power to change your game completely. If up to this day you got used to depositing every time you want to win more credits at different mobile casino games (which surely pays off at Mermaids Millions) you can get acquainted with something new! Three, four and even five Scatters on your reels will benefit you with the highly favoured reward called FREE SPINS! The FREE SPINS are your way to win more and more credits while you deposit NOTHING. In other words? More ways to win more credits are coming your way!


So after Scatter has done its magic and you get to enjoy the fruits - please welcome your 10 FREE SPINS! When the FREE SPINS feature is on, you practically become a king. You do not have to spin the reels even once, since the game starts working for you, and every win during this time happens automatically, and you don't need to be involved. All you have to do is sit comfortably, stare at the screen and have a lot of fun! Every credit you gain during the FREE SPINS will later on be able to "serve" you as you keep on playing the regular mode. You can either decide to spin the reels more times at the same amount you deposit, or increase the amount of credits you per spin, while keeping the same number of spins. The FREE SPINS themselves are a great adventure, because once they start the whole game is totally different! You get to enjoy a whole different colour theme, different music, wonderful animations and an extremely exciting atmosphere that lets you know you are in a unique and magnificent phase.

Additional Treats at Mermaids Million

No, the fun surely doesn't end here! You can enjoy additional benefits, great gambling methods and gaming platforms all at once!

The Treasure Bonus

This unique feature can benefit you with novel rewards! After the great buzz of WILD and Scatter, comes a very unique symbol you will not quickly find on other slots games! The Treasure Bonus can lift you up, and merely by three, four and even five of its kind you can enjoy significantly high payouts that are added immediately to your payline!

Master The Game!

Yes, one of the most incredible things about the slots is that you live in uncertainty. The unexpected can happen any minute and you never really know how the next spin will end. With that being said, sometimes there is an added value to a gambler's control over the game, and the financial part is a great example for the kind of control you want to have. Mermaids Millions Mobile gives you an opportunity to be the boss with depositing options of your choice! Before and after every spin you can make some changes and decide if you want to bet more or less coins the next time. This feature allows you to feel 100% confident and enjoy a sense of control in a great ocean of thrill.